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We are very excited to announce the latest edition to our E-Lam design range, TRACE N' WIPE.


Our dual purpose whiteboard and tracing pocket which will bring A4 Whiteboards to the next level.


This is a great learning aid to help children with template lessons.

Available in single packs of 1 or class packs of 30

Advantages of using the TRACE N WIPE whiteboard.

In a classroom, mini whiteboards are an excellent tool for ensuring active participation from all children. They also help teachers to spot any misconceptions that individuals may have. They allow for a teacher to correct these misunderstandings without their mistake being obvious to others in the class.


Having a whiteboard in the class or at home can help them to improve their numeracy and their literacy at school and at home.  Children are more inclined to want to write on whiteboards and try out more complicated activities, because it removes the worry surrounding making mistakes- as they can just wipe it clean and start again!

In terms of literacy, they are a fantastic tool for practicing reading and writing. For younger children they are a fun and engaging method of perfecting letter formation; as well as writing and reading basic words.

Older children can benefit from using them for many activities too, including spellings, extended writing, and correct punctuation.

The same goes for numeracy, small whiteboards make an excellent space for trying out calculations together. It encourages children to attempt more complex sums together, bringing fun, challenge and competition to math's learning.


Because of the easy nature of whiteboards, it can help students become more willing to have a go because they can easily wipe it clean and try again if a mistake is made.

Advantages of tracing

  • Tracing is fun

  • Tracing helps to create familiarity with shapes, letters, numbers

  • Tracing helps develop fine motor skills (a pre-cursor to writing)

  • It develops visual special skills

  • Tracing helps to boost confidence, communication skills

  • Tracing helps through repetitive exercises until lesson is mastered

  • Tracing aids concentration as there is a given task to complete.

  • It uses both sides of the brain



Easily trace over a template to learn how to write.


Helps to build hand to eye co-ordination and helps to build confidence.



Can be used as a traditional whiteboard to draw upon and help express there imagination.

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