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Elam is a successful, innovative company that continues to grow because we care, we listen and, we develop.E-Lam is an Irish company which manufactures self-adhesive PVC, PP laminate materials & non adhesive rolls which are used by library suppliers around the world to protect and prolong paperback books, thus increasing shelf life, which helps libraries and schools to save money and which keep books looking fresh and new – and - also helps paperback text and library books retain their shape, stack on shelves without sagging and stand up to greater wear and tear.  


E-Lam are an innovative company, continuously doing research and development.  We continue to develop new products including an efficient, effective book covering machine, AutoLam ll as well as developing other practical products for the school sector.


E-Lam began developing and manufacturing E-Lam Wipe whiteboards for students in 2019 in response to listening to our school customers.  E-Lam Wipe is a portable, easy to store, dry wipe writing aid for children, easy to use and easy to wipe clean for reuse.


E-Lam source all raw materials from Europe, including PVC. PP and glassine paper products as we strive to give our customers the best quality while at the same time giving them the most pricing possible and we strive to provide an outstanding service to our customers.  We recognise that our success depends on yours. We'd like you to think of E-lam as your one-stop specialist supplier for library supplies and for student whiteboard products.

Our mission is to develop products that perform equal to, or better than, our customer’s requirements and expectations in a friendly and efficient manner.  Our products are designed with the end user in mind and thus are easy to use, professionally presented and suitable for the purposes designed.

"We've got you covered"


Bring Your Books to Life with
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