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Automated book covering solution


A             Automatically cover your book with ease

U             Uniquely clever in its design

T              Transform your paperback books in seconds

O             Optimize your book covering production

L              Logistically you have full control of your book covering process

A             Avoidance of air bubbles by way of our ap[plication process

M            Manageable production process


Covering your
paperback books

The Autolam II Pro is the perfect solution for covering  your paperback book books no matter what the size in a matter of seconds. 

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Easy To Use

The Autolam II Pro is very easy to use and can cover a book in an average of 9 seconds without the hassle of any air bubbles.


About the Autolam II Pro

E-LAM in conjunction with their development partners Technical Engineering Group (TEG) are pleased to introduce the latest innovation in automated book covering solutions. This is a Patented technology ( Pat No:2857215)  E-LAM/TEG Technology have designed and developed the world’s first semi-automated desktop paperback book covering machine. The new AUTOLAM II Pro machine can cover almost any size paperback using the industry standard E-Lam 1 self-adhesive book cover or the E-LAM 140-micron Poly Cover at speeds of up to 400 books per hour. The self-adhesive cover is laid on the AUTOLAM II PRO  bed and the book to be covered is fed into a slot which grips the book. The rest is fully automatic. The machine laminates the book through a set of soft rollers specifically designed to eliminate any air bubbles. Using patented technology a unique set of rotating rollers carefully apply the foil over the spine area of the book. The book can then either drop onto a conveyor or simply be removed by hand, after which the book/cover will need to be trimmed. The finished product is a much higher standard and far more consistent than what can be achieved by hand

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