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End-To-End, School Book
Management Solution 

E-Lam has partnered with Interleaf Technology to offer a

comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing school books.

Interleaf Technology provides the software solution (SCOOTER) for School Book Management.  Scooter is a state of the art software to help manage your school book rental scheme.  There are now over 90 libraries using Scooter in Ireland today and growing. 

E-Lam provides the ancillary services such as:


  • Uploading Student Data loan upload to Interleaf’s system using the RFID /Barcode data as we apply the RFID Tages/Barcodes to books.

  • E-Lam covers the textbooks with Diamond Clear 250 micron book covers, which are tough, non-removable, self-adhesive book covers.

  • Diamond Clear 250 micron help to transform paperback text books into virtual hardbacks.


  • We can offer individually labelled student books boxed.

For more details on Interleaf Technology and the SCOOTER software please click below
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For More Information please contact us on  01-4475967

or email us at

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