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Quality Book Protection Vs. Book Covers

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

People often ask is there a difference between book protection materials or Book Covering materials. Surely, they all do the same job!  Yes and no. 

True they all cover books, but the level of real book cover protection varies enormously.  Durable book protection, provides tough, resilient, non-removable book covers which strengthen the covers of paperback books. Book covers and graphics look fresh and new for the entire lifespan of books protected with these covers.

Result: books stay in circulation for far longer – saving money in the long run for libraries and schools.   Removable book covers on the other hand provide minimal book protection for book covers. They are easily damaged or removed. True, they cover paperback books but they cannot and don’t strengthen the covers of paperback books – because materials are thinner, non-adhesive and a different quality.  It pays to buy quality!

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