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Elam A4 Premium Whiteboards

Why use a whiteboard?

While we can all write out our ideas on paper, whiteboards allow students to quickly write, erase, and rewrite what they're working on over and over again without having the issue of wasted paper whilst also been kinder to the environment.

For teachers A4 Mini Whiteboards are an invaluable tool in the classroom. They can see all the students written or drawn responses simultaneously. They are best used for short responses in the class and are great for practicing handwriting and sums etc.

They can also be used in the home environment for the same uses and also for drawing and practicing homework etc.

The Whiteboard provides an instant creative space to brainstorm and jot down ideas.

Our A4 Whiteboards are available in packs of 5, 10 and 30.

Can I recycle the whiteboard?

As our E-lam Whiteboards are made from 650 micron Polyester, they can be recycled in your local recycling center or in your recycle bin.