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School and University Books – an Investment in the future!

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Investing in school or university textbooks is something most parents face every summer.  It’s a big investment, so it’s important that those text and library books are kept in the best possible condition in order to withstand the demands placed on them students.

Parents with children in schools without a book rental scheme, invest in school books and it’s quite financial commitment, especially for families with one or more children. These days it’s normal for many parents to order online, saving time, petrol and effort, and avoiding long queues at school book shops. Online School Suppliers offer school book covering as part of their online service.  Most schools require school books to be covered so many parents choose book covering as part of the ordering process.  What they don’t realise is the variations in the quality of book covers/book protection available. Book covering services cost up to €1.00 for each book cover. No small investment. 

This is where it gets interesting!

Parents are happy with books when they arrive – beautifully presented and covered. Over time however, some find that the school book covers they invested in, thin, flimsy and removable begin to show signs of wear and tear quite quickly. See the thing is, thin and flimsy removable book covers can be removed, torn, pierced with a compass, pen, pencil or finger nail. Moments of fidgeting or boredom can and often does result in unintended damage to book covers. By the end of the year, books can look bedraggled to say the least.  If parents realised that there is a much tougher book cover available for about the same cost, would they invest in it? Parents are pragmatic so the answer is almost certainly a resounding yes.

School book rental schemes invest in school book covers and are very conscious of protecting that investment. How do they do that? Many ensure that the school book rental scheme school books, are protected with the highest quality durable school book covers, rather than just having books covered with thinner, shorter lasting materials. Many school book rental schemes choose to use non-removable, durable, resilient, transparent, self-adhesive, glossy book covers to strengthen the covers of paperback school books because longevity is important to them and to their budgets. 

A trade secret! Public libraries, universities and school libraries have been protecting their investments in library books for years using durable book covers – which helps keep books in circulation for much longer.

Now parents have the opportunity to protect their investments in school or university textbooks using the very same materials as librarians. Protecting school or university textbooks is a wise move and is so easy!

School books are expensive – they need to last.  Book longevity is the aim and E-Lam are experts in manufacturing the products which do just that. Valuable textbooks which are protected rather than just covered with durable tough materials, rather than thin, flimsy removable materials reward that investment by looking great for years.

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