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Adhesive Book Covers or Non Adhesive Book Covers.... That's the question

When deciding to get your book covered you have to decide between adhesive or non adhesive covers.

Having a non adhesive cover can be handy as there is not much to go wrong when covering a book and if you don't like using adhesive covers when protection your book then this type of product is an ideal solution. The only issue is that it doesn't really protect the book cover as it is not permanently adhered to a book and thus can be removed easily or can get damaged easily too. They came in a very large range and usually go up in increments of 2mm from sizes 166mm to 320mm and beyond. So as you can imagine you would have to have a large variety of covers at hand to protect your book and to be sure that you have the correct size.

(PVC removable book cover/dustjacket)

Self adhesive covers are a more convenient and more popular choice when it comes to protecting your book and the cover of your book. The fact that the cover is adhered to the cover of the book makes it nearly impossible to remove thus protecting the lifespan of you book and cover. Also you have a varied choice in different materials and thickness's and sizes. The fact that Laminated material comes in both pre-cut sizes and in roll format means that a person can choose whatever way suits them better to cover a book. Also the advantage of laminate material is that you only have to have 5 sizes of covers that will pretty much cover any paperback book. Here at E-Lam we find that we sell equally as much of both Pre-Cut and Roll format.

(Adhesive Book Covering Material)

Predominantly adhesive book laminating materials are made from PVC or PP or a varied variety of the aforementioned products. E-Lam have been fortunate enough to be a position that we can manufacture a Plant Based Laminate book cover that is carbon neutral which is made from SUGARCANE. It is our ORNAGIC range of products that are leading us to a new way of thinking when it comes to book covering.

"Obviously for archival purposes the adhesive cover is not a suitable option as it will damage the book in question. Only bespoke archival products should be used on any old items"

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