8 Back-to-School Saving Tips

Tip 1: Check what you have before you buy

Pull out everything you have at home, including uniforms, schoolbooks, sports gear and stationery. See what can still be used or passed on to another child. Check if you can sell last year’s books to make some money. Make sure you know exactly what you do and don’t need before you go shopping. It may be a bit of extra effort and time, but it will pay off!

Tip 2: Decide a budget 

You also need to know how much you can afford to spend. The CCPC has a handy back-to-school budget planner on their consumer website,, to plan ahead and work out how much you need to spend on back-to-school costs. If you’re not sure about the cost of school items, you could check with the school, look online or talk to other parents to get an idea.