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World Kindness Today – Let’s all be kind to one another.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

As the corona virus pandemic continues to go on longer and longer we here at E-Lam felt the need for positivity and kindness was at an all time high.

For this reason we designed a range of posters and floor graphics with the simple message to ‘Be Kind’.

We wanted the design to be simple and eye-catching so that it would resonate with people. Therefore, we designed the Be Kind range to bring the same message as the official Covid-19 to wear a mask but in a gentler way.

World Kindness Day was last Friday and to mark the occasion we distributed 20 of our posters throughout Wicklow Town. Our aim is to spread the message of kindness throughout the country while still encouraging safety.

E-Lam has a vision of Wicklow becoming the first town in Ireland to introduce the concept of Be Kind in public spaces as a way of helping people to be a little more relaxed during Covid, kinder to one another, and kinder to frontline staff.

The response to the posters throughout Wicklow Town exceeded our expectations. People told us that it made them smile and remember that although they can’t smile with a mask on they can still spread kindness to others in other ways.

We envision the ‘Be Kind’ range to be displayed in public places as the message can be understood easily by all ages. We all need to come together to get through the pandemic but more importantly we need to be kind to one another.


Our range of 'Be Kind' posters.

Our 'Be Kind' floor graphic.