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Get back to your Local Public Library

Your local library is a great place to call into to relax, discover, connect, work or learn at your leisure and connect with your community. Today’s libraries are a far cry from dusty libraries of the past. Today libraries are designed with an eye to community engagement as well as providing libraries of books and access to IT.

With free access to educational, news, and historical resources, libraries help to keep the public informed with a wide range of materials and archives. The sheer variety of genres from fiction to Biographies, wellness and self-help, cookery, gardening, golf,sports and children’s literature means that there is literally something for everyone.

Now that moving around has become easier again, why not go and visit your local library once again or if you are not currently a member why not join up. If the nearest library to you is new, you are in for a treat. Library spaces have been re-imagined and are more open plan and spaces have been created for inter-community activities. You will be pleasantly surprised as what is on offer at your local library.


Some of what is on offer at your local library includes the following:

  • They are free to join and no late fees

  • Borrow from 12 million items – from any library in the country – browse the national catalogue at

  • Download eBooks, eAudiobooks, newspapers and magazines straight to your phone, tablet or computer

  • Space to study, work or research

  • Free Wifi

  • Computer access

  • Events, classes, clubs, meet-ups and exhibitions

  • Collections for children and for young adults


Healthy Ireland at Your Library

Public Libraries across Ireland also have a Healthy Ireland campaign, which includes a valuable source of information withing the community for health information. They will have a broad collection of wellbeing and health resources for you to read as well as online resources such as e-books, magazines, audiobooks etc. There are over 100 titles in the collection and cover the topics of Eat Well, Be Well and Think well.

A library has something for everyone, and it is a great place to get away from it all and if you are looking for a quiet space then you will find no better place. So why not make it your mission to call into your local library again and say hello and get yourself a good read.


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