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Sharpened rotating circular blade, ground lower blade. Safety through a closed cutter head. Automatic see-through clamping at the cutting edge. Scale bar marked out in cm and DIN sizes on both sides. Adjustable back-stop. Table pre-printed with grid, DIN and cm sizes. Tested according to GS safety regulations. Cutting length: 720mm Cutting capacity: 2.0mm. Table size exterior dimensions: 915x360mm. Weight: 4.6 kg The Dahle 554 Professional Rotary Trimmer with a 28” cut length is designed for precision and accuracy. It features a ground self-sharpening blade that cuts in both directions, a Dual-barrel guide bar for strength, and an automatic clamp to prevent shifting. This German engineered cutter is ultra-precise and ideal for trimming paper, photos, and cardstock.

Dahle Trimmer A2 Premium 720mm 2mm

SKU: 4410554
€ 199,19Prezzo
    • Adjustable backstop and scale bar calibrated in inches and centimetres.
    • Automatic see-through paper clamp.
    • Rotary trimmer with self sharpening blades totally enclosed in a plastic housing.
    • Size: A2
    • Steel pre-printed cutting table base.
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