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  • Qualità premium 650 micron A5  Lavagne per studenti.
  • Lavagna bianca igienica a doppia faccia Easy Wipe  Bianco solido.
  • Può essere utilizzato all'interno o all'esterno.
  • Facile da pulire, senza ghosting con pennarelli a secco di alta qualità.
  • Disponibili pacchetti Handy School Class da 5, 10, 30 unità.


Dimensioni: 148 mm x 210 mm

Lavagne per studenti A5 Qualità premium

PrezzoA partire da 3,98 €
    • Avoid ghosting by cleaning the whiteboards daily and not leaving them overnight with residue on them.
    • Thoroughly cleaning your whiteboard of all previous writings is especially important before you write on it again. This will prevent the build-up of dry erase marker ink over time.
    • Always use a dry wipe pen on your whiteboard.
    • Use a good whiteboard cleaner on a microfibre cloth to keep the surface clean and scratch free.
    • If you mistakenly use a permanent marker on a whiteboard this can be fixed.  Simply use a dry wipe marker over the permanent marker and let it dry a little and then clean with a cloth and cleaning liquid.
    • Try to avoid using sponges as they generally smear the ink over the surface and not clean the surface that well.
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