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90 Micron

Organic Laminate made from Sugar Cane fibres.

Gloss clear PE

25 Meter Lenghts

Heights 22cm to 60cm


  • Soft and easy to apply and can be used on almost all surfaces.
  • Repositionalble Adhesive to allow for easier application
  • Made from Sugarcane
  • Helps reduce carbon emmissions

ORGANIC roll (25 Meters)

Preisab 20,00 €

    The I’m greenTM bio-based products are made from renewable source, the ethanol sugarcane. Sugar cane is a perennial grass, meaning it doesn't have to be replanted every year, so this also saves energy in that replanting is not required each year like traditional crops.


    I'm greenTM, bio-based and made from sugarcane, a renewable resource. It represents a better use of natural resources and to help reduce CO2 emissions!


    When fully grown, the sugar cane is harvested. It is then brought to the mills for further treating. The juice of the first pressing is mostly used to produce sugar. The following pressing extracts the residual sugar to produce ethanol. Ethanol is used as biofuel or as the main element for the bio-based plastic (I‘m greenTM plastic). The residual waste fibres (called bagasse) are used to drive the mill, using the heat of the steam for the production of electricity. This procedure makes the sugar cane very inventive. The ashes, together with the waste residue, called vinasse, can then be reused as fertiliser. Vinasse is rich in organic nutrients and water. This organic fertilisation on the sugar cane fields reduces the need for chemical fertilisers and thus contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    The bioethanol is then dehydrated to produce ethylene, which is then polymerised as a plastic resin. This is the plastic that is used for production of E-Lam’s ORGANIC book protection film.

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