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Slitting & Lamination

We now offer a slitting and lamination service.


E-Lam now offer a professional, fast slitting and laminating service to packaging and printing companies.  

Please get in touch with details of your requirements and we’ll be happy to put together a quote for you.

Widths up to 1500mm.

Slitting Services

We are now offering this expertise to businesses in the packaging and printing industries and we are very confident that we can offer both a professional slitting and laminating service and do so competitively.   E-Lam has the capacity to slit all paper and polymer based materials from 10 micron to 600 Micron with max diameter of master rolls 750mm and max width 1500mm -  max diameter of finished rolls 450mm. We use precise tension control differential rewind shafts and we have the capacity to laminate one substrate to another.


Custom Lamination Services

Our custom lamination services are the ideal solution to maintain the integrity of a laminate product. We can apply pressure sensitive adhesives to a variety of materials, including felt, textiles, rubbers, plastics, and foams. We use state-of-the-art equipment and have the capability to laminate materials in varying consistencies and thicknesses — regardless of the material used.

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